I live in NYC for over 9 years now, the main reason me coming in is to create music create art, to grow and explore NYC, to write, to tell stories to create stories, to have fun, to experiment everything that a person possibly can . To influence and inspire others, to spread positive energy, and love. I’ve been doing music for over 20 years now, working with small and big productions. Recording and producing songs at cove city sound studios During my nyc years i’ve been working in different aspects, like Social media and advertising company, most had experience in night life, hosting events, working with different artists After years of straggling my communicational and marketing skills proved i can work anywhere and make money while creating music , i was always interest in sales and got in to Real Estate and it was the best thing that ever happened to me , with a hard work and dedication with lots of great challenge now I’m overwhelmed with new and exciting career that gives me the privilege to make money to flourish and a possibility to still do art and passion. Now I’m working on a new song and about to release a new video very soon, while working on another recording that will be all part of a big show me and my team are planning on having in a year from now.