About Me

about me

I live in NYC for over 9 years now, the main reason me coming in is to create music create art, to grow and explore NYC, to write, to tell stories to create stories, to have fun, to experiment everything that a person possibly can . To influence and inspire others, to spread positive energy, and love.

I have been fortunate enough to call New York City my home for over nine incredible years. The vibrant energy and endless opportunities this city offers have fueled my passion for creating music and art, allowing me to grow as an
artist and explore the vast artistic landscape that NYC provides. From the moment I set foot in this bustling metropolis, I knew it was the perfect backdrop for me to write, tell stories, and immerse myself in the creative

Throughout my journey, I have dedicated more than two decades to my musical pursuits, collaborating with both small and large productions to bring my vision to life. I have had the privilege of recording and producing songs at prestigious studios such as Cove City Sound, where I have honed my skills and refined my craft. However, my time in NYC has been about much more than just music.

In addition to my musical endeavors, I have delved into various aspects of the city’s diverse industries. I have worked with social media and advertising companies, gaining valuable experience and insights into effective communication and marketing strategies. I have also had the pleasure of immersing myself in the city’s vibrant nightlife scene, hosting events and collaborating with talented artists from different walks of life.

Despite the challenges I faced, my journey has proven that my communicational and marketing skills are transferable and adaptable to any industry. It was during this time that I discovered my interest in sales, which led me to venture into the world of real estate. This decision turned out to be a transformative experience, opening up new horizons and providing me with a fulfilling career that not only supports my artistic endeavors but also allows me to thrive financially.

Currently, I am on the brink of releasing a new song accompanied by an exciting music video. Simultaneously, I am diligently working on another recording, all of which will culminate in a grand showcase planned for the near future. Collaborating with my dedicated team, we are envisioning an awe-inspiring event that will captivate and entertain audiences in ways they have never experienced before.

In summary, my journey in NYC has been nothing short of extraordinary. It has been a haven for my artistic aspirations, offering boundless opportunities for growth, self-expression, and connection with fellow creatives. As I continue to evolve as an artist and expand my career, I am grateful for the privilege to make a living doing what I love while spreading positive energy, inspiration, and love to those who encounter my work.